DIA-BALM is the Specialist Diabetic Foot Care Cream.


Australian made and owned, DIA-BALM is world-first in diabetic foot care. Just some of the features that set it apart are:

✔ Has been designed specifically for use by diabetics;

✔ Has the highest proven efficacy for diabetes-related dry skin; and

✔ Is so efficacious, that it has been registered and approved as a Class 1 Medical device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association.  

DIA-BALM removes dry dead skin to treat and prevent build-up, while also promoting hydration, hydration retention, and flexibility of healthy skin.

And most importantly, DIA-BALM is designed to be not only a treatment for dry, cracked feet but also to prevent skin becoming dry and cracked. It can be used to treat dry skin, prevent dry skin, and maintain healthy, supple skin.

Many diabetics place foot health low on their list of health priorities. However, because of poor circulation, dry-skin in extremities, a lack of regular foot checks and good food habits, foot health needs to be a major point of diabetes management. 

Developed in Australia and Sole Distributed by IBD Medical, DIA-BALM is THE clinically proven prevention and treatment for diabetic feet.

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Between 20 - 25 % of diabetics will consult a doctor at least once in their lifetime for a foot lesion, which is responsible for 25% of hospital days for diabetics. Shockingly, 10% of diabetics will require a limb amputation and more than 4,400 amputations are carried out every year as a result of diabetes in Australia alone. While this number is appalling, up to 50% of these can be avoided.
By using DIA-BALM daily, not only will you reduce dry cracked skin, but you will reduce the risk of microtrauma to the feet, lesions and the possibility of developing more serious conditions like amputations, or even death.



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