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The Glucology range of Diacare Socks are infused with copper making them moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. They are designed to be loose-fitting and non-binding. Non-elasticized and cushioned, our socks keep your feet perfectly warm while allowing them to breathe. Our Glucology Socks cater to both men and women and stock larger sizes. --

Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | Single Pair


Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | 3 Pairs


Heel Balm Foot Care | 4 Pack


Heel Balm Foot Care


Glucology DiaCare Copper Activity Socks | 2 Pairs


Glucology Diacare Copper Based Activity Socks | Single Pair


Glucology® Diacare Copper Based Socks | Sample Pack | Unisex


Footcare and Prevention Bundle


Footcare Intro Bundle