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The Glucology range of Diabetes Socks are infused with copper making them moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. They are designed to be loose-fitting and non-binding. Non-elasticized and cushioned, our diabetic socks for sale keep your feet perfectly warm while allowing them to breathe. Our Glucology Diabetic Socks cater to both men and women and stock larger sizes. 

Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | Single Pair


Glucology Diacare Copper Based Activity Socks | Single Pair


Heel Balm Foot Care | 4 Pack


Diabetes Travel Case | Classic | Blue


Insulin Cooling | 2 Pen Wallet | Black


Pen Needle Pocket Container | 3 Pack


Footcare Intro Bundle


Insulin Cooling | Vials Wallet | Blue


Heel Balm Foot Care