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Check out our Glucology diabetes Autumn special collection for the very best and unique Diabetic Supplies such as; Diabetes Travel Cases, Storage Bags and organisers, Insulin Cooling Pouches, Insulin Pump accessories, Fast Acting Glucochews, and many  Other Diabetic accessories.

Diabetes Travel Case | Plus | Cactus


Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | Single Pair


Glucology Diacare Copper Based Activity Socks | Single Pair


CGM Patches for Freestyle Libre | 25 Pack


Footcare and Prevention Bundle


Insulin Cooling | 2 Pen Wallet | Black


Glucology Diacare Copper Based Classic Socks | 3 Pairs


Pen Needle Pocket Container | 3 Pack


CGM Patches for Dexcom G4/ G5 | 25 Pack