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Copper is an essential mineral in the human body that has been used for health and wellness for thousands of years. 

With its two distinct properties - broad-spectrum anti-microbial efficacy and skin enhancement (up-regulating collagen, elastin & other proteins) - copper plays a crucial role in promoting health and wellbeing. 

Why Does Glucology™ Use Cupron Yarn?  

Cupron is the worlds only developed proprietary technology that integrates copper into fabrics, surfaces and other polymers with application for everyone from medical professional to consumers. When embedded in socks, Cupron transforms regular socks into an essential device that protects your feet in addition to being anti-odour and improving skin appearance. 


 Cupron technology is:

  • Protected by various Australian patents*
  • Effective throughout the life of the product
  • Document in over 20 scientific publications
  • Environmentally friendly 

The results from credible medical and scientific studies suggest that the usage of socks containing copper based yarn is truly like no other product, making Glucology Copper-Based Socks one of the leading products on the Australian market in innovation and effectiveness.  

To read more about how Cupron yarn gained its creditability through extensive scientific studies, please click here!