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Workout tips for T1D with Andi Balog

Workout tips for T1D with Andi Balog

Join Andi Balog as she shares her inspiring journey of working out with type 1 diabetes! 💪 From weight training to walking, she reveals her favorite workouts and offers invaluable tips to kickstart your fitness journey. Don't miss her top tip for beginners!
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Diabetes and Self care with Salena

🌟 Living with diabetes doesn't stop Salena from prioritizing self-care. 💪 Her top tips? Keep your skin hydrated, indulge in nutritious snacks, and master the art of relaxation. 🍏💧✨ #SelfCare #DiabetesAwareness #healthyliving
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Erin's Valentine Day Special - Self care

Erin's got a sweet wish this Valentine's Day!

Whether it's a long, luxurious bath, a walk in nature, getting lost in a good book, or simply indulging in a hobby you love, Erin believes self-care is the ultimate expression of love. ✨

So, pour some love into yourself today. You deserve it! ❤️

Erin's Valentines Day Chocolate Cups | Low Carb Diabetes Friendly Dessert

Erin's Valentines Day Chocolate Cups

Ditch the sugar stress this Valentine's Day with Erin's incredible Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cups! Indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free with these treats specially crafted for diabetics and health-conscious lovers. Erin uses dark chocolate, rich in...
Diabetes Tips on how to keep your feet healthy

Diabetes Tips on how to keep your feet healthy

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects millions of people worldwide. When living with diabetes, foot problems can be quite common. This occurs when the blood vessels in the feet become damaged, leading to poor...

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