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At IBD Medical we want to ensure that you feel good about shopping with us. Below we have included some common questions and answers, but if you have a question that isn't answered here you can click over to our 'Contact Us' page and ask the IBD Medical team directly. 

Q. Who are you?
A. The team at IBD Medical designs', sells', and dispatches' diabetic support products; items made to make living with diabetes just a little easier. We do this globally from our head offices in Sydney Australia.

Q. Can I contact you?
Absolutely! Click here to send us a message and see our contact details.

Q. When will my order arrive?
We ship globally so how fast your order arrives depends on where you're located. Click here to see expected shipping times!

Q. Can I get a refund?
We will always try to do right by you- whether that means refunding, replacing, or providing a voucher for our store. You can read out Refund and Returns policy here. 

Q. How can I return an item?
Return any products in their original packaging to IBD Medical® by sending them to: PO Box 162, Pyrmont, 2006, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Q. What are my payment options?
A. We accept a range of debit and credit cards, Afterpay, and Paypal. If you would like to pay by cheque or direct deposit then contact us and we can arrange that for you.

Q. What if there's a fault with my item?
A. We provide a minimum 12-month warranty on all products and in the extremely unlikely event that your product isn't as advertised or isn't working correctly, we'll replace it for or provide you with a refund. If this has happened then contact us today so we can get this fixed for you.

Q. What if I change my mind?
A. IBD Medical offers a 30-day money back guarantee for just this reason! If you decide that what you've ordered isn't right for you then just send it back. As long as it's unused and in its original packaging we'll process a full refund for the cost of the product. 

Q. How is my order getting to me? 
A. If you live in Australia your order is coming to you either via Australia Post, or Couriers Please. International deliveries will be delivered either by Amazon, or your local postal service. 

Q. Can I choose who carries my parcel?
A. We will always try and accommodate you. If you would like your order to go with a specific delivery service then get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Q. How long is my warranty?
A. IBD Medical offers a minimum 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. Some of our products have a 2-year or even 5-year warranty, so get in touch if you'd like to know the warranty on any specific product.

Q. What's my size (Copper Socks)?
A. All Glucology® Copper-Based Socks correspond to your shoe size; just match that to one of the size ranges offered!
Glucology® Classic Copper-Based Socks come in  4 x unisex sizes:

  • Men's 4-7/ Women's 5-8
  • Men's 7.5-9/ Women's 8.5-10
  • Men's 9.5-11/ Women's 10.5-12
  • Men's 11.5-15/ Women's 12.5-16
Glucology® Copper Based Activity & Winter Socks come in 3 x unisex sizes:
  • Men's 4-8.5  / Women's 5-9.5
  • Men's 9-12 Mens / Women's 10-11.5
  • Men's 12.5-15 Mens / Women's 12-16

If you have any questions about sizing then remember you can always reach out to our team!

Q. What's my size (Insulin Pump Belt)?
A. Glucology® Insulin Pump Belts are suitable for children and adults and come in a range of 4 x sizes. However, it is very important that you measure yourself before purchase to ensure you receive the right belt for you. 

Glucology® Insulin Pump Belts come in 4 x sizes:

  • Small (19'' to 23.0'' / 48cm to 56cm Waist)
  • Medium (23.0'' to 33.5'' / 57cm to 85cm Waist)
  • Large (33.5'' to 43'' / 85cm to 110cm Waist)
  • X Large (43'' to 55.5'' / 111 cm to 141cm Waist)

If you have any questions about sizing then remember you can always reach out to our team!

Q. What is Glucology®?
A. Designed by the IBD Medical team; Glucology® is our brand and range of diabetes support products! Every product is designed by our team in Sydney and manufactured by one of our global partners. 

Q. Where do you ship to? 
A. Everywhere! So whether you're at home or abroad we can get you your order! 

Q. Where do you ship from?
A. If your order is being delivered to Australia or New Zealand it will be shipped from our offices in Pyrmont, Sydney. If your order is going to North or Central America it will be sent from your regional distribution warehouse.

Q. Where can I get your products in-store?
A. Many of our products are available in pharmacies, podiatrists and specialty retailers Australia wide! If you want to have a look at a specific product then get in touch and we can give you a steer!

Q. Where are you located?
A. Our head offices are located in Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Q. Can I change an order once paid for?
A. If you notice something wrong with your order once completed then just get in contact with us! If it hasn't been shipped then it's easy to fix. If it has already been shipped we'll still be able to get it fixed for you so get in touch today.

Q. Can I work with you?
A. We're always on the lookout for collaborators, so if you or your business is interested in wholesale opportunities, a new distributor, importation or exportation, or new product development, then reach out to us today! You can also read more about our B2B work here.